KSFO's Michael Savage Refuses to Apologize for
Suggesting Sex between Students, Homeless

By Dartanyan Brown (Copyright 2000-2009) MayoRisha Publishing Inc.

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"It is one of the most hurtful, hate-filled broadcasts I have heard... and the station is owned by Disney."


"The students involved are learning a big lesson about media irresponsibility"


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{News Update: This page continues to garner visitors from around the world. Mr. Weiner continues the same sort of hate speech that he unleashed in our situation now 10 years ago. Whatever your reason for stopping by, know that this site stands for free speech-until it is used to diminish, or potentially bring harm to another person.

The audiotapes of Mr. Weiner's 1999 comments have been uncovered and will be released in a nod to the 10-year anniversary of the time mr. adversarial was forced to chicken out on an apology to some schoolgirls}

[Dartanyan is a former teacher and Technology Director at The Branson School in Ross, CA. What follows is a first person-perspective news article about very real events. The story below is the personal experience of the reporter. The statements included are exactly as they came from the people quoted. Only by exposure can hate speech in all of its forms be uncovered and eradicated. -The editors-January 2000 - updated links July 1, 2003]

Ross, CA.-- An apology from Bay Area talk show host Michael Savage, scheduled to be given to the students of a Marin County high school, was derailed Friday December 10 when an alleged misunderstanding about the age and number of the meetings' attendees caused the talk show host to duck out on the meeting at the last minute.

Savage intimated in a broadcast on Disney-owned KSFO-FM, that the possibility of forcible rape was a reason why female high school students might find it exciting to feed homeless people in San Francisco's inner city.

An apology for Savage's sexually improper comments was negotiated during a meeting October 5 between (then) Branson teacher and parent Dartanyan Brown, KSFO President Micheal Luckoff and Operations Manager Jack Swanson. According to Brown, the meeting held at the Front street offices of ABC-TV in San Francisco, was a cordial one with Luckoff offering his personal apology to Brown for any problems caused by Savage's comments.

Brown, pointed out, however that a direct apology from Mr. Savage to the students whose reputation's were slandered was in order. At that point, Luckoff and Swanson agreed to bring Savage to a meeting with students and three or four other Branson staff members.

Savage, and station president Michael Luckoff later canceled the agreed upon apology/discussion when they found out more than one adult would be present.

Savage Suggests Sexual Contact between Students, homeless

On his September 21, 1999 broadcast, while voicing his contempt for San Francisco's homeless and the efforts to help them, Savage, a long time Bay Area radio personality, said that female students who come from a Marin County private school to feed and provide services to the homeless "can go in and get raped by them because they seem to like the excitement of it..." These and other comments suggesting sexual activity between homeless people and minor students were peppered throughout the three-hour broadcast.

Savage's comments were heard by a teacher at the school who monitors the program and, who subsequently obtained a taped transcript to review what had really been said.

"What I heard was so shocking and wrong, I felt compelled to first, see if what I heard was true, and if so, to do something about the extreme hate, intolerance and Nazi-like lying that was being broadcast over public airwaves."

Attempts by two teachers at the school to reach Mr. Savage immediately following the show were deflected by the show's producer and Savage never attempted to contact the school to apologize for his comments. According to Brown, calling Savage while on-air during his daily broadcast would be inappropriate.

"That sort of thing is what they want. They really feed upon negative energy" said one teacher. "It seems that the whole purpose of programs like his are to make listeners so angry that they call in just to argue the usually, racist, sexist, homophobic or class warfare-type language which even the host may not believe in. [According to both Luckoff and Swanson, Savage's brand of 'cutting edge' radio was necessary for ratings success.]

A letter of protest, signed by teachers at the school, was sent to the radio station in early October. The letter was responded to by Jack Swanson, operations manager at KSFO who, after reviewing the tape, agreed with the teacher that "indeed, Mr. Savage's comments were well over the line of acceptability."

Meeting Scheduled

Swanson, scheduled an October 15 meeting at ABC studios in San Francisco where Brown would meet with Luckoff and Swanson but not Savage.

[Comments about the conduct of the meeting will be covered in a sidebar to come later]

The meeting which lasted about an hour, began with both Luckoff and Swanson apologizing for Savage's on-air statements. The sincere but limited apology stopped far short of any but the most cursory admonishment to Michael Savage to not repeat the incident. There was a clear implication, according to this reporter, that with advertising revenues being so strong, there was no way they were going to do anything to Michael Savage. They didn't think he personally should have to answer for his actions--and thus far he hasn't

[The night before the meeting, Savage was heard, in fact, offering daughter-rape by homeless people as the only way some people would awaken to the homeless problem . Savage is doing what racists used to do arousing white fears about African-Americans integrating white society--editor]

Agreement then Misunderstanding

A decision was made for Luckoff and Savage to come to the school to apologize to the students and staff. There was an agreement for the radio station personnel to come to Branson to meet with "up to ten students' and a limited number of staff and other members of the Branson community.

There was no further communication between the radio station and the school until a fax from Mr. Luckoff's office dated December 6 was received by the teacher on Tuesday December 7. The fax contained a message warning that if there was no contact between the parties, to clear up the matter of who would be in attendance at the meeting, the apology session would have to be postponed or canceled.

[What follows is an account of the final flurry of communication which resulted in Savage's refusal to apologize..the editors]

"When I saw that fax," said the teacher, "I knew they must have decided that a public apology was not in their best interest and that they would look for the tiniest loophole in order to avoid coming to our campus to apologize and discuss the issues with us."

In response to the fax, a call was made to KSFO by the teacher confirming the original attendance figures. Nothing was resolved that day by phone but a fax, arrived late the evening before the meeting saying that because that we had "changed the rules" of the meeting, they would have no choice but to cancel it--forever. 

"A quick call to Mr. Luckoff yielded no softening of KSFO's position that we had changed the rules of the meeting." said the teacher. "It was confusing because there were no specific concerns voiced by Mr. Luckoff as to what they were afraid of, or what might go wrong by coming to our campus, meeting our students and clearing up this problem that their employee caused."

" I suppose they felt that we might ambush them in some way but there were no other media and no other adults other than teachers. I have no idea what they found so threatening in this situation."

Lessons Learned

In the face of this disappointment, teachers and students at the Branson campus were optimistic about the immediate future and lessons to be learned from the incident.

"We made extra effort to restrain our anger and remain thoughtful in the face of some pretty inaccurate and hurtful information," said the teacher. "KSFO has served up all of this hateful, obscene imagery with no apology directly to our students, no public apology on the air for defaming our students to thousands of listeners and now they refuse to honor a simple commitment they made to us under the pretense of a very flimsy excuse. We certainly are not going to ruin our holidays thinking about these folks but in the new year, I'm sure the best solution will emerge."

"Our students were prepared to dialog in an adult fashion and they had some interesting questions to ask about the media and it's effect on the community. I don't think those questions are going to go away just because Michael Savage was afraid to talk to a room with a few people over 30 in it."

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