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Dartanyan's acclaimed INFLUENCES album is now a sought after collectible

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If you are into rare recordings, you will appreciate this private label release from the late 70's.

A great collection of original music from Midwestern musicians and songwriters. No distribution but worldwide acclaim for musicianship and production. Mixed by the legendary Tom Tucker. Less than 2000 copies ever made it to the public. A must have for serious collectors of great indie music.

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Our remaining copies are in EXCELLENT condition. All original




I also have a line on some STILL SEALED pristine copies. These will, of course, command a premium over the used copies. Make an offer!



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March 2016 Special! Roland analog synthesis



JX8-P with the original programmer, cables and manual.


The Roland JX8-P Roland Corp's answer to the wildly popular DX-7.


Three pristine PG-800's The physical controller for the JX8-P. A slider or button for every parameter. Sweet!

Priced for you at $380 for each unit.


Closeup of the Roland PG-800 for the JX. This one was owned by Booker T. Jones. No, he didn't record Green Onions with it.=-)

The one you purchase will be identical to the one pictured at left. Cable included and a soft case. Ready to ship. Just email me at the link below and you're set.








Item for Sale




iniBrute Monophonic Synthesizer

Arturia MiniBrute Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Pristine condition. Used well and respected for the high quality device that it is. I have one but this one should go to someone who will keep him busy.




-Audio Keystation 88

M-Audio Keystation 88

2009-era controller. Nice when USB 'd up to a computer. Stand not included. Do have original packing box, manual etc.




OOG 3-band Parametric Equalizer

MOOG Three-Band Parametric Equalizer

Beefy, broad and still the standard. Actually part of my bass rig with Chase! Still used and still scope-perfect!


(Free shipping)



oland SC-D70 desktop synth

Roland SC-D70 Desktop Synth - General MIDI

A underrated little box of sounds including one of the best sampled Grand pianos I've heard ever. Cheap and meaty





x-816 and MJC8 w MOOG EQ

The Yamaha TX-816 Rackmount synthesizer with the MJC8 8x8 MIDI matrix switcher

Many sweet sessions with these guys but now it's all on the laptop.

$1,200 for both items

shipping extra! sorry


inimoog Manual

Original series 1 Manual for the MINIMOOG Synthesizer

I had to sell the actual synth many years ago and seeing this just makes me sad. Time to get it out of the house. I also have some vintage programmer sheets too!

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