Jazz Artists in Schools Program - Artist Educators


Jazz Artists, brought together from around the US, met to discuss the state of Jazz education and to devise strategies for successfully communicating the language of improvised music to all students.    

In 1979 I wrote a grant for support from the Iowa Arts Council for a series of Jazz workshops. Fate brought A.B.Spellman from NEA in Washington to Des Moines and his evaluation of my program led to an introduction to Larry Ridley and his newly conceived Jazz Artists in School Program.

My artistic partner, Marcia Miget and I traveled to Duke University to work on this exciting new program.

Pictured : Art Taylor, drums Larry Ridley, string bass Ted Dunbar, guitar and Frank Foster, tenor    
Ridley on Bass, Ted Dunbar on Guitar and Taylor on drums The great Frank Foster. Their inspiration keeps us going daily.    


Dr. David Baker, Indiana U.(pictured here talking to trumpeter Willie Thomas) has been Jazz educations' true North throughout the last 35 years. It's funny that the music that we learned from his generation is still as relevant today as it ever was. Today's serious music student, regardless of style, knows that learning the language of Jazz is essential if you wish to become really free to create.  
  Many of us remember with fondness the late Arnie Lawrence. His ideas, wit, singular vision and huge spirit made him a really valuable member of the original team of artist educators that met in the summers from 1979 to 1984 to 'revoice', if you will, the language of Jazz.  
Frank Foster, Dartanyan and Sonny Nevius during a more collegial moment in what were often marathon sessions of discussions, jam sessions, debates and serious hangin' out.
I am dedicated to creating and offering interdisciplinary artistic experiences for schools and communities. These experiences are designed to introduce respect for cultural heritage & standards, good civic judgement, and intercultural harmony to the communities in which I work and to the individuals with whom I interact.      
  Dartanyan L Brown