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Lesson Policy
I am grateful that you have inquired about my services as a music teacher. My students will have an opportunity to discover their chosen instrument in a new and interesting way. By engaging your creative instincts in the formative years, a deep lifelong involvement with music can be the result.
It is my experience over the last 30 years that students progress toward musical goals faster if they believe in the goal and know that their instructor has high expectations and aspirations for them. As a parent, you can support your young musician by helping to establish a regular home practice schedule. This can help diffuse the inevitable stress of juggling overlapping academic, athletic or family schedules. Of course, playing music serves to relieve stress and my goal is to retain that sense of playfulness while offering stimulating sessions that will enable your child to play music that comes from the heart.

PAYMENT: Tuition for the school year is divided into equal monthly payments that are due at the first lesson of each month regardless of any absences or holidays. Tuition is not based upon the number of lessons in any given month because, for example, some months include 5 Saturdays rather then the usual 4. There is no refund for missed lessons. In case of illness or family emergency, we can reschedule the lesson within the month.There are no deductions in tuition for special vacations or extra absences that occur during the school year.

CANCELLATIONS: If I am unable to attend a lesson, I will make up the lesson at a later date within the month.

TERMINATION POLICY: Before May, you are required to give me one month's notice of your intent to terminate your lessons. If you decide to continue through the summer, you must also give me advance notice.

Services for institutions and individuals.

Dartanyan Brown, Teacher and Sonic Guide

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