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Live from the Archives

1973-1974 The Pure Music Band

  "Pure Music" Ironically unreleased title track from the album      

Bass-Meant co-written by Dartanyan and Bill Chase for Gibson's L9-S "Ripper" Bass Guitar

  "Ultra rare" Close Up Tight 10 Piece mix 001 DNLD MP3
  "Ultra rare" Macarthur Park 10 piece mix 002 DNLD MP3
  "Ultra rare" Bochawa 10 piece 003 DNLD MP3
  "Ultra rare" Wise Fools 10 Piece Wisefools mix 004 DNLD MP3
  "Ode To A New England Jellyfish" Live in Iowa City, Iowa 005 DNLD MP3
  Bochawa Jazz Workshop Boston mix 006 DNLD MP3
  Close Up Tight Jazz Workshop Boston mix 007 DNLD MP3
  Ode to a New England Jellyfish Jazz Workshop Boston mix 008 DNLD MP3
  Run Back to Mama Jazz Workshop Boston mix 009 DNLD MP3
  Twinkles Jazz Workshop Boston2 mix 010 DNLD MP3
  Twinkles Jazz Workshop Boston3 011 DNLD MP3
  Open Up Wide Half Note New York Press Tour mix 012 DNLD MP3
  Open Up Wide Half Note New York Press Tour mix set 2 013 DNLD MP3
  Bochawa Fort Scott, Ks. Opening74 mix 014 DNLD MP3
  WeirdSong Elroy, Wis. 1 mix 015 DNLD MP3
  CloseupTight Chicago 1 mix 016 DNLD MP3
  Twinkles Chicago 1 mix 017 DNLD MP3
  WeirdSong Chicago 1 mix 018 DNLD MP3
  Ode to a New England Jellyfish club mix 019 DNLD MP3
  OpenupWide1b mix 020 DNLD MP3
  Twinkles mix 021 DNLD MP3
  Weird Song1 club mix 022 DNLD MP3

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Other great CD and DVD experiences from Dartanyan

IBAS 001

Dartanyan Presents A Live Concert DVD

California Poet Laureate Al Young with

The Iowa Blues All-Stars featuring Ron Dewitte and Big Mike Edwards Craig Horner and Jaimeo Brown.

DVD or Audio CD format

Al Young and Dartanyan do a tribute to the blues in this Sample File

Fine poetry and acoustic bass.

$20 Online Download and DVD
IBAS 002

Ron Dewitte and Dartanyan Brown

Live at the Marin County Fair 2006

DVD or Audio CD

Ron Dewitte and Dartanyan unplugged at the Marin County Fair July 4th 2006 in this Sample File Just a pickin' and a singin' in Marin baby.

$15 Online Download
JRB 001

Jaimeo R Brown


Inaugural album from one of the brightest young talents in Jazz and new music today. Joined by Kelvin Sholar on keyboards, formerly with Lenny White.


Randy Brecker, Wynton Marsalis, Ronnie Cuber and Steve Turre all attest to the talent and vision of drummer and composer Jaimeo Brown. Check this Sample file from his first recorded collection of deep mood instrumentals.

$20 Online Download Compact Disk
          iPod compatible download

Also Available from Mayorisha Music:

Ellsworth Brown, Original songs 1970's recordings

Original words and music from E.T. Brown. Urbane heartfelt compositions. Bebop Americana

  Ellsworth Brown Zup Zap 3:14
  Zup Zap 4:23
  Martha 4:37
  My Christmas 3:45
  Ill Wind 2:56


Wheatstraw - Blues Rock from the Archives
WT1 Wheat Straw 1969-1972 Craig Horner, David Bernstein, Ron Dewitte and Dartanyan $20    
  Get Outa My Life Woman 3:10    
  Protect and Serve 4:58    
  Blues 5:47    
  The Time is Right 3:49   sample
  Full EP/CD (4 songs) with cover art $10    


Special Interest Audio and Video Presentations
Available now via special order
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Joe Chambers in Rehearsal New College of California Video
Joe Chambers KCSM radio interview Chris Cortez and Dartanyan Brown with the great Blue Note recording artist CD
1978 Luther Allison KUCB Radio Interview Dartanyan interviews a blues master CD/podcast

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