Dartanyan brings a fresh perspective to the creative process

Dartanyan has worked across disciplines in the worlds of creative music, technology, education and the arts. His clients and partners range from corporations like Apple computer, Inc. to individuals including the teenagers in neighborhoods like San Rafael,Cal. and Des Moines, Iowa.

A inductee of Iowa's Rock 'n Roll, Jazz and Blues Halls of Fame, he has earned a reputation as an exciting performer but he is equally at home in the classroom and the recording studio.

In 1979 when he became an artist educator with the National Endowment for the Arts' Jazz Artists In School Program (JAIS) Dartanyan worked to implement a successful series of Jazz residencies in Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin and Arizona. Working closely with artist educators including Frank Foster, Larry Ridley, David Baker and the late Ted Dunbar, Dartanyan's contributions were important to developing techniques that were the forerunners of today's thriving secondary school and collegiate Jazz education programs.

Past projects in Marin schools have been valuable for demonstrating how beneficial improvisational music is to the secondary school curriculum. JAZZ APPRECIATION MONTH is the subject of this project archive.

Audio Engineering, Electronic Music and Sound Design

Dartanyan's work as an mix engineer, synthesizer programmer, sound designer, and audio editor began in the early 70's. Project clients included Broderbund/Living Books and Apple Computer, Inc. The Des Moines Science Center and his own original soundscapes have received his unique sound signatures. Dartanyan's first self-produced vinyl album, available as a limited-run distribution in the late 70's is now a collectors item commanding a premium price--if you can find one! You can order a CD easily from our easy-order page

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